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Any encounter with law enforcement or the criminal justice system can be frightening and can have serious repercussions, if not handled properly. Criminal charges have the potential to result in harsh consequences including fines, probation, imprisonment, and more. The criminal justice process can also be intimidating with multiple court appearances involving a judge, the prosecutor who charged you, and many specific strict procedures and rules.

Fortunately, an experienced New Jersey defense attorney can navigate the criminal system while protecting your rights, defending against wrongful charges, and seeking the most favorable outcome that is available in your case. Ronald Brandmayr is a skilled criminal defense attorney in Freehold, NJ who has helped many clients defend against a wide range of criminal charges. If you have been placed under arrest, have received a ticket, or have been charged with an NJ criminal offense, please call the Law Office of Ronald J. Brandmayr, Jr. for help as soon as possible.

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Areas of Legal Practice

There are hundreds of different criminal offenses set out by New Jersey law and each criminal case requires a unique approach based on the specific charge you face and the circumstances of your case. At the Law Office of Ronald J. Brandmayr, Jr., we have extensive experience handling a wide variety of municipal and superior court cases, including cases involving the following:

Freehold NJ Defense Attorney

Help for New Jersey Defendants

Too many people facing criminal charges do not believe it is necessary to have an attorney representing them. Some people believe they will not be able to afford a lawyer while others may think that, if their cases seem relatively minor, they can just handle it on their own. However, having an experienced attorney defending you can often greatly improve your outcome, whether you have a speeding ticket or have been charged with a serious felony.

An NJ criminal defense attorney can do the following in your case:

  • Protect your rights during any interrogations or communications with law enforcement.
  • Independently investigate the circumstances of your arrest and alleged offense to find evidence in your defense.
  • Determine whether your civil rights were violated and seek recourse for any violations.
  • Identify any legal defenses that may be available in your case and present them to the court or at trial.
  • Represent you at all court hearings and appearances.
  • Negotiate with prosecutors for a favorable plea bargain.
  • Help you decide whether to accept a plea deal or take your case to trial.
  • Design an effective trial strategy and defend against your charges at a jury trial.
  • Represent you and present mitigating factors at a sentencing hearing.

All of the above can be valuable whether you have a traffic ticket or have been accused of a violent crime.

Areas of Legal Practice

Assisting Injured Victims

In addition to standing up for the rights of criminal defendants, attorney Ronald Brandmayr also works to protect the rights of individuals who are injured in accidents. When an accident happens because another person was negligent, that person should be held liable and should compensate any injured victims for their medical expenses and other related losses. If you have sustained a serious injury, our law office can evaluate your case, determine whether you have a claim, negotiate for an insurance settlement, and file a personal injury lawsuit in New Jersey civil court if needed. We will explore every possible approach to help you receive proper compensation for your injuries. We can handle personal injury cases arising from the following accidents and more:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Workplace accidents
  • Slip and falls

Timing is important in injury cases, so please do not delay in calling for a free consultation today.

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Whether you are facing criminal charges or you have been seriously injured, you have important legal rights that need to be protected. You need a qualified attorney who will serve as a zealous advocate for your rights and work to avoid an unfair result in your case. Ronald Brandmayr is an experienced litigator who understands how both the criminal and civil justice process works in and around Freehold, NJ. If you need legal assistance, please call the Law Office of Ronald J. Brandmayr, Jr. at 732-409-5195 for help today.

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